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This is not going to be easy. Or...it will come naturally. I have reached out to Jim Bates for help on this specific trick. Jim is a professional skateboarder from Newbury Park, CA. You don't have to be professional to learn how to 360 flip. You just have to break it down and understand it.

I reached out to Jim for help on this one because I just can't seem to land them consistently. I never really pursued this trick (until recently) for lack of interest. Recently after following his advice and my own hours of trial and error, I can finally (at age 31) pull off a very nice looking 360 flip.

Prerequisite tricks for 360 flip:


  1. Ollie
  2. Kickflip
  3. BS Pop shuvit

You absolutly need to know the above mentioned tricks. If you haven't learned them, follow the links and learn to crawl before you walk.

Optional but recommended

  1. BS 360 pop shuvit

You don't have to learn the 360 shuvit, but it would really benefit you when it comes to getting comfortable spinning the board 360 degrees. Not to mention adding a trick to your arsenal.

Foot placement for a 360 flip

When placing your front foot you want to point your toes at a slight angle and find a comfortable place in the center of your board, some people place their front foot farther up towards the nose and some place it back further, find what works best for you by trying different foot placements

You will be barely flicking with your front foot because Treflip is mainly executed with the movement of the back foot. Find the pocket in the corner of your tail on the inside of your board to place your back foot.

360-flip foot placement

The motion for a 360 flip

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Let's do a 360-flip

Step 1

Get your footing.

Bend straight down keeping your shoulders inline with your skateboard.

Step 2

Begin to launch up with both feet but continue to launch with only your pop foot.

When you pop you will be scooping and sweeping your back foot to give it the full 360 rotation. After you pop straight down and the board begins rotating then you will give it a little flick with your front foot.

Step 3

It's all done in one quick motion and you will catch the board with your front foot then bring your back foot around to land both feet over the bolts.

Step 4

Keep your body centered and make sure to bend your knees. You will be kicking your back foot behind you while you scoop and sweep, it's a quick circular motion bringing your foot back around to land over the bolts on the tail basically where it started.

How to 360-flip recap:

A huge thanks to Jim Bates for helping us with this trick.

Please give him a follow @jimbates4 and check out his unique creations

More about Jim:

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