A few things to learn as a new skateboarder

Before you learn how to ollie.

This is a photo of a man doing an Heelflip on a skateboard

The only thing you need to know before you learn to ollie is how to stand on a skateboard. Below is a list of 5 things I really think would help you to have more fun as you learn your first few skateboard tricks. There are many different ways to ride a skateboard. Let's start this list by learning about how YOU ride.

1. How to push and ride your skateboard

If you don't want to spend your days practicing your ollie in the grass or with roll blockers, then you are going to need to learn the proper (I will never again use this word on this website) way to push and ride.

2. Goofy or Regular?

People are right handed and people are left handed. The same goes for your feet. So are your left footed (goofy) or are you right footed (regular)? Check out this trick tip on how to figure out which one you are.

3.Rolling off of a curb on a skateboard

You may be scoffing at me right now. If you are that's fine. But this was not a natural thing for me when I first started skateboarding. If you aren't scoffing at me then grab your deck and head outside to the nearest sidewalk curb and try it. When you roll off of anything you need to have more forward momentum than you have gravitational force. So get going with a good speed and as your front wheels leave the curb pop your tail and keep the front level. If you are going fast enough then you should have landed off the curb perfectly.

4. Tic-Tac

This one is optional. You don't need to be able to tic-tac in order to learn an ollie. But it's on the list!? Yeah added this here because like the rest of the list, learning this skill can only help you learn to control your board even more. If you spend just a little time learning how to control your board with tic-tacs and such. You will see that learning real skateboard tricks may come quicker because you aren't worried about keeping your balance as you try. Your also training certain muscles you never knew existed to help you with your power and your balance.

5. The running start.

Again this isn't mandatory but this is a good skill to have. And when you find a 2 or 3 stair your ready to try out. But it doesn't have much runway you can use this to get the speed you need to clear the gap. Just hold your board off to your side wheels forward. Take off running and lower the board to the ground as you get ready to hop on.


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