5 skateboards tricks for beginners

This is a photo of a man doing an ollie down a handicap ramp

There are no set rules in skateboarding. It's largely about finding new limits and abstract thinking. It doesn't take a special kind of person to be a skateboarder or to be good at it. I believe it adds something special to a person.

If you are new to skateboarding you can learn anything you want to learn. There is some law in skateboarding. You are only going to be as good as you push yourself to be.

If you want to stick a 5-0 grind on a park bench then you are going to need to know how to ollie. There are not always prerequisites in skateboarding but in the beginning there certainly are.

Let's go over 5 tricks I think you should learn and the order you should learn them in.

The Ollie

This is crucial to skateboarding. If you don't learn to ollie then just get a long board and save that concave for someone else. Lets talk about the 5-0 on the park bench again. You can take measurements on the height of the bench and build yourself a ramp that would perfectly guide you onto the bench. But now you have to lug this ramp around with you to every park bench.

You had better hope that bench isn't taken when you get there or else you are just going to be waiting around lookin silly.

Or you could do the sensible thing and learn how to ollie. Chances are after you learn to ollie you are goin to be hooked.

And now you will feel like the rest of us, constantly chasing that same feeling we had when we landed our first ollie.

It would be a super good idea to practice and get comfortable fakie ollies. You can try nollie and switch if you want. I don't think you need to worry about that just yet. You are probably still a little awkward on the skateboard in your natural stance so switch hitting might feel way to strange to handle.

Learn frontside and backside 180

If I could go back in time. I would smack my 14 year old self and tell me to practice 180's and stop nose stalling on the curb.

Get good at 180s off all kinds. Frontside and backside, regular and fakie. And do the same thing when you start leaning to skate nollie and switch.

I still struggle with backside 180s and now I want to go back in time to this morning to smack my recently non present self for not practicing 180s again.

So many tricks will open up to you when you are comfortable with your 180s. So please please don't neglect them.

Learn how to manual and nose manual

This one is not as simple as it sounds. As a matter of fact learning to manual leads you down the path of the most technical part of skateboarding.

After you learn the ollie and you have found your balance with a manual. You can start learning how to ollie manual. Later you'll be flipping in and flipping out. Don't neglect your nose mannies either!

Learn to Pop Shuvit

Learning how to pop shuvit is very important I think. I also think that each one is totally different.

Frontside shuvs and backside shuvs are not create equal.

After you learn these in your normal riding stance then it won't be long before you figure out how to do pop shuvits riding fake, nollie, and switch.

Of course learn to Kickflip

Alright the kickflip! Obviously you knew this was going to be on the list. The kick flip is mandatory home work from us to you. We have a great trick tip page to help you learn how.

Learn your flat ground

This list will help you to get all of the variations of motion created by the skater and the board.

The ollie will handle your ups and downs, the 180s will handle your turns, the shuvit will handle your spins, and the kickflip will handle your flip!

But will all of these powers combined! Ok, I won't go there. But you can use the basics to learn some vastly more technical tricks.

Alright! Thanks so much for reading. If you need any help with any of these tricks check out our trick tips


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