Is skateboarding dangerous

This is a photo of a man doing an Heelflip on a skateboard

Whether you are wanting to start skateboarding, or you are nervous to get your kiddo the skateboard he or she has been asking for. Or worse! Someone gave your kid a skateboard and didn't ask permission and now you have to be the mean parent and take it away! But we do these things to keep them safe. And because we know what's best. Don't we?

I am a parent of 3 little tornados and 1 on the way. None of them have taken very much interest in learning to skateboard just yet. They sure love to run and slide on the ramps at the skatepark, so that is a good start.

The risk of an athlete

Skateboarding can certainly be dangerous. Any athlete is willingly putting their bodies at risk of injury. There are precautions you can take to make sure that you are safe as you take your first few pushes on a skateboard.

Your skateboard setup should match your skill level.

Not all skateboards feel the same. When I step on someone else's skateboard it feels strange and uncomfortable.

So maybe you need some lower ABEC bearings for your first board. You are not a pro, so don't try to learn on a skateboard with bones ceramic ABEC 11 bearings.

You can tighten the wheel bolts just a bit to keep it from rolling out from under you as you learn to control it.

Pad up!

Don't be embarrassed to get padded up! Some people ride with pads while some don't. Maybe you can just pad up while you are getting comfortable on your skateboard.

Personally, I can't do the pads I feel like I'm restricted and can't bail like I need to sometimes.

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Get comfortable with your skateboard

Nothing will keep you more safe on a skateboard like being comfortable and knowing your abilities.

I was 14 I got my first skateboard for Christmas. It was a light blue element brand logo graphic skateboard. I would take it with me everywhere.

There are no rules to how you play with a skateboard you can sit on it and push with your pads and lean to steer. Or lay on your stomach and push off the ground with your toes. Next try putting one knee on the board and grabbing the sides with your hands while you push with your free foot. Just have fun.

Pushing YOUR envelope not THE envelope

If you have been skateboarding for a while and you have a few tricks in your bag. By now you have realized the coolest part about skateboarding. You are always trying to go a step further. So maybe you are finally ready to try and kickflip off the sidewalk.

Roll up a few times to get a feel for it. Throw the flip a few times. Then BAM! Were doing this!

But what if it's your first day on the board. Well, chances are you will not be doing kickflips down the curb. But you will be trying new things. Pushing off twice then getting both feet on and riding it out. It's all the same.

Skateboarding can be dangerous, but if you stay in-line with your skill level and get comfortable with your abilities. You will greatly reduce the risk of injury and mostly just enjoy the healthy benefits of skateboarding.


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