Is skateboarding hard?

A look at why anyone would skate.

This is a photo of a man doing an Heelflip on a skateboard

So you watch your friends skateboarding around the park and they make it look so easy. But as soon as you step on the board you feel awkwardly out of balance, causing you to have an immediate fear of falling and making a fool out of yourself.

I can tell you from experience that skateboarding is not hard to learn. Learning how to ride on a skateboard isnt hard at all. It takes a few days to get somewhat comfortable and after a month you will probably be riding just as well as everyone else. So does that answer your question? No? Then that's not what you meant to ask.

Now let's look at these vastly talented skate god friends of yours again. They roll up to a rail at a fast speed. So naturally they seem to pop their boards up creating a crisp sound of perfection, and with total control of the skateboard they come down onto the metal rail and glide across with 100% confidence. Now go ask them if it was hard to learn how to do that. If they are honest they will say "Hell yeah it was!".

We skateboard because it is hard.

Yes skateboarding is simple to learn. But every single trick you learn is a new milestone some more advanced than others. And new tricks aren't the only challenges out there. Let's say you finally commit and you learn how to ollie on a skateboard. Great! Now you can pop your board up a couple inches off the ground and your feeling pretty rad. You should be. Well what's next? Are you going to start working on a pop-shuvs, kickflips, and FS180s? Do you want to take your board down to the church at the end of the road and try and ollie off (OR UP!) the sidewalk curb then hit the two stair at the bank? How you learn and what you learn is all up to you. That's why I love to skateboard. It's total freedom in setting my own challenges and pushing myself to get better.

Learning to ollie was very hard for me. I didn't even try it until after I learned how to ride for a couple weeks. I was scared to fall. I started by learning in the grass so the board wouldn't roll out from under me. Then I moved back to concrete and only landed it with my front foot for far too long (At least a week). One day I went for it and after a few tries, I LANDED IT! I spent the next three days just ollie after ollie after ollie. Then I wanted do it while riding backwards (fakie).

I feel lucky that I decided to learn how to skateboard when I was 14. Im not super talented or even very good compared to many many others. But I love it and I do it for myself. And when you get together with your friends to watch each other break down new milestones not much else can get you pumped like that.


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