3 Best backpacks with skateboard straps

Vans, orange and grey skateboarding backpack

Having a backpack that holsters your skateboard can be extremely helpful if you're traveling. Skateboards are not tough to hold since the trucks act as a handle almost perfectly fitting your hands. But if you are traveling, and transporting different objects, clothes, documents, camera equipment, or anything else.

Having a backpack with skateboard holster straps makes everything much easier. The purpose of this article is just to share with the consumer some backpacks that won't disappoint, and some that won't break your bank. So let's get right into the list, no need to keep this intro text too long as it already is.

Volcom Substrate II

Volcom is a long time, trusted skateboarding brand that has never let me down with their products. Generally they have better prices than Vans, with equal quality. This backpack is simple and clean. Just a logo and two skateboard holster straps.

One thing I want to mention to you, is that the side pouches arenít mesh. I always hated the mesh pouches because I use these pouches for drinks most often.

The solid fabric pouch will help keep your drink cooler longer. Not a huge deal but worth mentioning.

Element Mohave

Element products, if you haven't tried any. It's time to do it. One of the top skateboarding brands of all time.

Products are second to none. Design is unique. This backpack won't disappoint. Comes in a couple of colors, the one shown above and a good looking maroon and black version.

A top of the line product for a VERY fair price.

Adidas Kelton

Adidas, is well known in just about all sports wear as a top brand. Their products are simply top of the line. Some would even say they set the bar.

This backpack is sleek, and compact. It comes in 4 colors, you can see them all and check pricing on amazon.

The side pouches seem flush like they may not be open enough for a water bottle or a can drink.

Overall, the price is great, the design is clean, and it has our skateboard holster straps.

So that is my list. I certainly have a style that I look for. I don't want a huge backpack since the board is already attached.

I do want to mention that I prefer to strap the skateboards with the griptape facing out rather than wheels out. That way the griptape isn't chafing away at the backpacks fabric.

But if you do it that way, you can't sit on the backpack and roll around on your butt.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you choose a backpack with confidence. Happy skateboarding!


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