How to replace skateboard wheels

(with photos and video)

A photo of what you need to change your skateboard wheels.

Replacing skateboard wheels :

Changing or replacing the wheels on a skateboard is a pretty straight forward task. There are a few tricks I wish I knew when I was new to skateboarding

There have been times when I couldn't get a nut back on the threads of the axle rod, or when you can't get the bearing out of the wheels.

What you need to change out the wheels on a skateboard

Image of the items you need to change a skateboard wheel.
  • 1/2" Wrench
  • (4) 1/2" axle nut
  • (4) Wheels
  • (Optional) bearing spacers
  • (8) Bearings

Step 1

Use your wrench to loosen and remove the axle nut from the skateboard. If you are working on your first skateboard, you may have bought a complete deck. The reason I bring this up is that a complete will most likley come with bearing spacers. When you take off the skateboard wheel be mindful that there is a small spacer sitting on top of the outer bearing.

Photo of a wheel on a skateboard

Step 2

Check your axle rod for an uneven surface. If you have one then it makes it difficult for the threads of the nut to catch the threads of the rod.

I have had this so bad before that I had no other option but to hammer the nut onto the axle a bit then press down as I slowly tighten the nut.

If your axle wont take the nut. Use a flat file to grind down the en dof the axle to create an even surface so the threads will catch.

Don't file your axle while the wheel is on. You could get metal shavings inside your bearing case.

Step 3

Before you put your wheel on you going to want to slide a bearing spacer on first. If you dont have enought for each wheel to have two spacers, then just put them on the inside.

Step 4

Now you can slap your fancy new wheels on the skateboard truck, then add the final spacer and screw your nut on.

When you tighten the nux back on, be sure not to over tighten or you will gain unwanted friction on your bearing case. Tighten it wheel to just about 1/8" off the bearing leaving just a little wiggle room.

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