The 2 best complete skateboards for cheap

Where to find good skateboards for less money. Mini Logo and CCS brand.

Skateboarding is a pay to play hobby. There are many costly things you have to purchase to get started. You have to get skate shoes, a deck, a pair of trucks, a set of wheels and a set of bearings, this is all just the flatground minimum. A nice promodel deck alone is $45-$75.

Generally, a complete professional grade skateboard is anywhere from $110 - $200. But we don't all have that kind of cash just to get started, or get back into skateboarding. Not to worry! I know a few places that will help you get a professional grade skateboard for cheap.

If you are looking for a complete skateboard but don't have much cash? It's all good! We will show you where to get a full set-up (complete skateboard) on a budget.

What is a "complete" skateboard?

The term "complete skateboard" just means that you have all the components for the full assembly of the skateboard. A complete skateboard consists of the following items.

  • Skateboard Deck (with griptape)
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Bearings

These are the general items that make up a complete skateboard aka.."full set up" or just "set up".

Cheap complete skateboards

Note to Parents and to new skateboarders I think that it's important for new skateboarders to feel proud of their first skateboard. Any kid could get over not having a graphic or having the latest pro model. But they need to feel that they have a real, professional, and solid shaped deck. They need to have a good set of wheels that aren't super softies. They need to have solid alloy trucks, NO PLASTIC TRUCKS.

The products that I am going to recommend for you or your kids are 100% professional grade skateboarding equipment for cheap.

When it comes to buying a professional grade skateboard on a budget, there are a few companies that I trust.

  • Mini-Logo
  • CCS

Mini-Logo Complete skateboard

Complete skateboard for less than 80 dollars.

Mini Logo skateboards are 100% professionally built. And you even have graphic options. Mini-Logo provides either solid color with a small logo stamp near the tail of the skateboard deck, or you can check out some of their animal graphics.

Mini Logo didn't even raise the price of the decks with the animal graphics.

This is one of the best cheap complete skateboard options on the market.

Personally, I never needed a graphic on my skateboard. I was always fine with a solid color. Some people have to have a graphic on the bottom. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's just preference. When it comes to getting a professional grade skateboard for cheap (with or without a graphic) Mini logo is a top brand that truly delivers. Great for all levels of skateboarders. I have been skating Mini Logo skateboards since 2005. Since then the Logo has changed, but the quality and the price remained the same.

CCS Complete skateboards

Complete skateboard for less than 80 dollars.

CCS stands for California Cheap Skates. CCS is a well known online skateboard and snowboard shop. They have been providing professional grade skateboards to skateboarders around the globe since 1985. You can trust that you will get what you are looking for with CCS. But we need a complete skateboard for cheap.

CCS offers blank deck complete skateboards with a small CCS logo and a solid color. I have had a number of these cheap blank skateboards and was always very happy with them.

These two companies only offer solid products and anyone should be proud to be riding any skate gear from them. I have had many more Mini Logo decks than I have had CCS decks. Mini Logo is just a favorite of mine and when I need a new board they are the first company that comes to my mind. Either one you pick for you or your up-comming skater kiddo, will be a great choice.

Skateboard sizes

Be sure to get the correct size. Mostly just pay attention to the width. Mini Logo comes in sizes ranging from 7.5" wide to 8.5" wide. Unless you have very small feet, adults should be 8" wide or wider.

See our skateboard buying guide to check what size you should be riding.


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