The 2 best skateboard grind rails

backside 50-50 grind on a home built skate box

In the vast world of skateboard tricks and stunts, there is a certain type of trick that requires a smooth-ish, and (usually but not limited to) made of metal, rail or pipe. These tricks are called grinds or slides.

What is the difference between a grind and a slide in skateboarding?

Grinding is when a skater slides down or across a rail or ledge on his or her skateboard trucks. The term GRIND comes from the fact that you are sliding using the metal part of your skateboard, causing your metal trucks to grind with whatever object you are sliding on. The most basic grind is the 50-50 grind.

How can you tell if your skateboard wheels are bad?

The best test to quickly find out if your wheels are causing you to stop rolling is to push the board and let it roll without you standing on it. If the board rolls fine, and for longer than when you are standing on it, you have bad wheels.

Slides are when a skater slides down or across a rail or a ledge in his or her skateboard making contact with the wooden part of the skateboard (the skateboard itself). The most basic slide is the board slide.

Grinds and slides are performed and many various objects found in all sorts of different locations and environments. Some of the most common objects for skaters to use are parking curbs, benches, handrails, and concrete ledges of any type.

This is usually why we are associated with vandalism. The skater needs these objects to become better at their sport, just like a field goal kicker needs a field goal. The problem for most small town skateboarders, is that there isn't a place to practice the sport like there is for a kicker on a football team. But just like any athlete, we are driven to progress in our sport. So we grind and apply slippery wax to things that don't belong to us.

As a 30+ year old, husband, provider, and a father of 4. You simply won't find me out risking getting a fine so I can grind some handrail I found. Although it sounds like so much fun. I wouldn't be a very responsible old skate rat risking that, when I'm already risking getting injured by skateboarding. But once a skateboarder, always a skateboarder.

How can a skateboarder get better at grinds and slides without tearing up people' property?

Although it won't ever replace the yearning for sliding down a handrail in the untamed streets. There are many options nowadays for us as skateboarders that need to learn how to grind or slide.

Many towns and cities have built skateparks for their communities. These skateparks at a minimum usually have at least a flat rail or two. This still requires you to travel to the skatepark and if it's busy you gotta wait your turn. (NO SNAKING!)

The absolute best way for a skateboarder to really become great or at very least get better, is for them to have constant and regular access to a rail. If you or someone you know truly wants to get much better faster at grinding, then buying or building a flat rail or grind box is the best way to go.

My next goal is to share with you some products that are very good quality and will help you get better by lasting through the wear and tear that comes from grinding and sliding.

I'll recommend the two types of products: a rail, and a grind box. I do want to let it be known that I find it much easier to grind like 50-50s on boxes, because on a box you can only fall off the rail in one direction. While performing slides like board slides are easier on rails, because boardslides are possible on boxes but the angle you slide causes your two front wheels to contact the top of the box causing unwanted friction.

FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Grind Rail

Best skateboard rail for beginners.

This is a very solid and well reviewed flat bar rail for a very good price. Manufactured by a well known and trusted company to the skateboard community. FreshPark, is helping us have the tools we need to get better at what we love.

About the product:

  1. Adjustable height, so the flat rail can be as low as 9 inches for beginners and up to 19 inches for more those with a bigger ollie. Raising the height on just one slide adds a slant to the rail, simulating a handrail.
  2. 6ft long so it's not too bulky to lug around, and can easily fit in the back of a skate van or truck.
  3. It's a flat rail, not a rounded rail. A flat rail is easier to lean on because they have a flat top that is easier to balance on than a round rail.

FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Grind Rail

Best skateboard grind box for beginners.

Just to let this be known to any non skateboarding parents that might be reading. Anything made by OC ramps is high quality and very well built. You will have to assemble it because it simply can't be shipped as is shown. The materials used are the best. This company makes amazing products and they are very well known and well respected by all skateboarders. Any skater would be proud to own anything made by OC ramps.

There are two different size options on amazon, a 6ft long option, and a 4ft long one. If you are ordering for a smaller kid, the 4ft is ok. If you are ordering for anyone 12 or older, the 4ft box will work but it is kind of small. A longer box makes for a longer slide. With a 4ft box you are on and off the grind in a second. I would suggest the 6ft for all.

About the product:

  1. Fairly portable.
  2. Comes ready to assemble.
  3. 6ft or 4ft options.
  4. Choosing a box over a rail also opens up the ability to practice manual tricks.

That's all I got y'all!

I hope this article has helped you to find what you were looking for. Whether it was a product you can trust to put your money into, or just some answers to your questions about skateboard grinds and slides.


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