How to Backside 180

This is a photo of a man doing an Heelflip on a skateboard

Backside 180:
This is another totally essential trick to know. If you don't get these down you are certain to get a letter on every game of S-K-A-T-E. Learning the backside 180 can help you learn many other new tricks. If you have your kickflips down, then after you learn these you can work on your backside flips.

For me this trick was very difficult to execute correctly for a long time. I never could get a full rotation. No one likes backside 90s. That all changed when I changed how I was was spotting my landing.

Even now if I try to throw backside 180 without focusing my landing on my slide foot, I am 100% certain that I will not get a full 180° rotation. I am giving the secret to the BS 180 away early here. Focus on landing on your slide foot.

What is a backside 180?

A backside 180 on a skateboard is produced when the skater ollies up and spins his or her body 180 degrees in direction he or she is facing. Both the skateboarder and the board spin 180° together.

Before you learn to BS 180

Before learning how to backside 180 on a skateboard, you will need to be comfortable with your ollies. I would say you should at least be able to ollie over a skateboard on flatground.

Foot placement for a BS 180

Alright let's get into the standard foot placement here and we will move from there.

Now from regular stance move your kick-foot just behind the front bolts.

The footing for a BS 180 is not strict at all. If you are pretty new to skateboarding, I would suggest using the same footing that you use for an ollie.

Since you are familiar with the ollie stance. Just make sure you are comfortable in the footing you have.

kick foot placement for learning to do an Heelflip

The motion for a Backside 180

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Lets do a Backside 180!

Step 1

We are going to twist up a little bit for this trick.

When you bend down and prepare to ollie, SLIGHTLY twist in the opposite direction that we are going to spin. You don't need to twist up all crazy like. Just a little. When we ollie, we are going to rapidly unwind in the backside direction.

Step 2

Just like for an ollie with no body turn, you are going to launch your body upward in order to jump. With the Backside 180 you are going to do this but you will be spinning your body inward as you lanch upward.

Step 3

This is where you will be focusing on landing more on your slide foot or front foot. And be lighter on your pop foot so that you can pivot any degree of rotation that you didn't achieve in the air.

Step 4

Allow your knees to bend as your wheels make contact with the ground so that the impact is absorbed.

And roll it out!

How to BS 180 recap:

I can't BS 180

If you are still not getting this trick down, you may have a rotation problem. That is assuming you have conquered the mental part of the trick. It can be daunting to willingly land on the board when your spinning blind. If you are getting the full rotation and not sticking it, then you just need to stick it and try to get over the fear.

If you just aren't getting a full rotation then try twisting your body up more before you pop the trick. The best way to practice and understand how you will be catching a backside 180 with both feet is by doing some backside nose pivots.

To do a nose pivot just put your slide foot at the front of the board, pop the nose just enough to lift your tail and pop foot off the ground, and spin your body and skateboard 180°.

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