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The Kickflip:
is the trick every new skater is itching to learn. I used to practice my ollie over and over just dreaming about flipping it hard enough to spin a full kickflip.

You've learned the ollie and have been practicing for days. The good news is that you have found a good place to help you get it done today.

This is trully the point of no return for becoming a skatboarder. The kickflip will be a trick that always has a special place in your little heart.

Let's do a kickflip.

Am I ready to learn how to kickflip?

How can you tell if you are ready to try and kickflip? You just need to meet these two crucial requirements and I think you are ready.

If you are having trouble keeping the board under you. Try using a slice of carpet or place your board in the grass. You can also get yourself a set of these skateboard stoppers to keep the board from rolling out.

Foot placement for a kickflip

Get on your board and stand on the bolts with both feet.

how to kickflip photo 1

Move your kick foot just behind the bolts (meaning all four of them) on the skateboard and hang your heel off the edge of the board.

It may be difficult for you to feel stable. You may actually wobble a bit when trying to hold this position.

Get your pop foot ready. Put your pop foot all the way at the top of the tail just like an ollie.

The only difference from the ollie foot placement is the heel of the kick foot is hanging off the board more.

kickflip foot placement kick foot placement for learning to do an ollie

The motion for a kickflip

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Let's do a kickflip

Step 1

Bend straight down keeping your shoulders inline with your skateboard.

Step 2

Begin to launch up with both feet but continue to launch with only your pop foot.

With the ollie, you focused on sliding the kick foot toward the center of the board.

With the kick flip let's focus on sliding the kick foot up and off the nose concave on the same side as your kick foot. (See the first photo below)

Step 3

With the ollie we never lost contact with the board.

Sliding your foot off the board causes the 100% separation from our body to the skateboard. This allows the skateboard to flip on it's horizontal axis.

Your pop foot has done it's job and now it's waiting for the flight to be over. Your kick foot is making a round trip out and back in to catch the board.

Don't focus really hard on trying to catch the board after it's full rotation.

Chances are you're going to be barley getting enough air to get the full rotation.

If you're not getting enough air then you need to flick you kick foot harder and faster and speed up the process.

Step 4

Stick the landing.

You can even ease into landing the kickflip. Practice the kick and pop and just let the skateboard spin out.

Do that for a few times. Now try and land just the kick foot on the board. Then after a few of those, try sticking it.

Remember to absorb the landing. As your return to the surface of earth let your knees stay bent. Do not stiffen out and try and land early. My brother and I call that stiff legging. That is not safe and it doesn't look good.

How to kickflip recap:

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