How to pressure flip on a skateboard

(Step by step trick tip)

Photo of mike yates doing a pressure flip.

The pressure flip :

The pressure flip is extra special to me. I used to think I was doing hard flips when I first learned them.

It's all about pop and commit. This trick will take some getting used to.

If you want to learn how to do a pressure flip on a skateboard you need to be pretty comfortable with your ollies. Also, learning the Pop Shuvit will be greatly helpful.

The pop shuvit and the pressure flip share the same concept of pop and float. You can float flip them under you or suck them up to you with the right amount of pop.

Why are pressure flips hated?

First I need to say that, I have never met someone that could do a pressure flip and hated them.

Also, any time I bust one out. I get claps and board taps. And generally only those who can't do them have issues with them.

A pressure flip shares the same rotation as an inward heelflip. This does not transfer the same in nollie stance. A nollie pressure flip shares the same board rotation as a nollie varial kickflip. The difference is in the way the kick foot is utilized.

It is used as a tension builder. Just like your thumb and finger when you snap your fingers. First you press them together then you build tension until they are ready to release. Then when all the tension and PRESSURE is released they snap. That is what your kick foot is doing. Building tensions and holding pressure against your pop foot and when released you can achieve a beautiful flip.

If you practice this a lot you can literally get your flip completely vertical underneath you. Just like when you were young and wanted to learn to snap your fingers. It takes practice and it is more technical then some might think. Just ask anyone who can do them.

Someone would hate a pressure flip because they might say it a cheap way of doing an inward heelflip. I would agree, you should not land a pressure flip in a game of skate and try to pass it off as a inward heelflip. And who would want to?

Foot placement for a pressure flip

There are two ways to pressure flip. There are two slightly different ways to set your feet.

The first image below will be the stance that we are going to use.

It will cause more of a lazy sort of side winder pressure flip.

Once you get that you can try the second stance below for a more over and under flip. You will need some HOP for that one since it will be flipping directly underneath you.

Foot placement option a for a pressure flip Foot placement option b for a pressure flip

Just looking at the way that our feet are positioned on the skateboard you can probably tell this trick is all in the pop.

Here is one thing that will keep you from landing a pressure flip.

If you feel like you are riding sideways like you typically would on a skateboard then you are not in the right stance.

You should feel like you are riding face forward. After we pop this flip we turn back from face forward to a sideways stance to catch the flip.

The motion for a pressure flip

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Lets do a pressure flip!

Step 1

Bend straight down keeping your shoulders inline with your skateboard.

Step 2

Begin to launch up with both feet but continue to launch with only your pop foot.

This is all in the pop as I said before.

When we popped the pop shuvit, we added some scoop to the mix. Forget about the word scoop on this one.

For the pressure flip we are going to think SNAP!

SNAP: To pop briskly and full of pressure, without scoop.

Get off your board and stand just behind it. Now, place your pop foot where you would place it for a pressure flip. Now, pop it down and just watch what the board does. Since we are applying snap straight down onto the concave of the skate board, it naturally will flip. This is what is called a pressure flip.

Now get back on and commit to this trick.

I don't want to make this trick complicated. So get your foot placement again and bend straight down and launch up and snap the board straight down and watch your rotation.

Step 3

There is no real step 3. This trick is very simple. You just need to get your footing, launch up and snap the board down hard, and commit.

How to pressure flip recap:

  • Get your footing.
  • Square up with the board.
  • Bend straight down.
  • Shoot your self straight back up.
  • Pop and snap the concave straight down under you.
  • Stay loose and allow your skateboard to rotate and catch it.
  • Bolts and Roll away.

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