3 Reasons why you're not too old to start skateboarding

Skateboarding is almost ageless

Man wondering if he is too old to skateboard

I started skateboarding at age 14. I knew for a few years before I got my first board, that I wanted to do it.

I wasn't even interested in
I knew I wanted to skateboard.

I wanted to see if I can learn the jumps and tricks, that I saw the bigger kids doing. I wasn't concerned about my age when I started at 14, and you shouldn't be concerned about yours at any age you feel capable.

Here are three reasons why you are not too old to skateboard.

1. Skateboarding doesn't have "how to play" rules

There are many different ways to skate, and many different tricks and types of tricks. I'm 32 as I'm writing this article and I skate differently than I did when I was 17. I don't have to go launch myself down a 12 set, or skate fast for every trick. If I were better as a skateboarder (meaning board control) then I might just do that, but as I have written before you have
to know your own limits.

Your skateboarding is between you and the skateboard. It's something we all share with each other, but it's very personal. My ability on the board is different just like yours is. What we all have in common is, we are all trying to improve and test ourselves, and enjoy the passion for self progression that we all share.

You don't have to be good, or measure yourself. Just get on, push around, and see what you can learn.

2. You get one life (I think..)

Don't let something pass you by because you hesitated on it for so long. Just start now. Try and get as much as you can from it. If you want to skate, you gotta start. Starting something new isn't usually glamorous, and it doesn't look like it did in your daydreams.

It's a slow process, but not so slow that you shouldn't begin. It's not a race (unless you're into racing). Skateboarding is all about pushing yourself to find out what your capable of. You don't have to be the best there ever was, and chances are you won't, but you will certainly
feel like a better you.

Don't wait another week. Head to your local shop and pick up a fresh deck. If they aren't busy, ask them to teach you how they grip tape it. They will be happy to show you.

3. Skateboarding is all you imagine and much more

I can tell you thousands of reasons to skateboard. But there is one thing I won't be able to find words to describe to you. You would have to find it yourself. Skateboarding is a culture, a unity between total strangers. Without words and before any introduction, you know that you share something amazing with another skateboarder.
Generally, skateboarding isn't ever just a small part of someone's life.

When you see another boarder, you know immediately, that you both share something in common. Skateboarding literally can change the way you look at architecture. Rather than just seeing a street, or a stair set, or a handrail, you will start seeing opportunities. That really doesn't even scratch the surface.

I hope I helped you decide to get a skateboard and start skating. We always suggest supporting your local shops.

If that's not an option please read our board sizing guide to help you get the right board.

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Go skate and have fun!


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