How to do a varial kickflip

This is a photo of a man doing an ollie on a skateboard

The Varial Kickflip:
is produced by combining a kick flip and a pop shuvit simultaneously. The skateboard will spin 180° on its Y-axis, and 360° on its X-axis. The varial kickflip is a powerful trick to keep in your trickbag. Some skip learning it and others leave it behind after they learn how to 360 flip.

My advise is to learn it and hold onto it. Bring back the love for the varial kickflip. It should not live in the shadow of its big brother the tre-flip. Drop this in a game of skate to throw off your buddies. Don't leave anything out, fakie, nollie, and switch. This is the snake in the grass of skateboard tricks. And its a pit viper.

Varial kickflips are not cool

As I said before, some if not most skateboarders learn this trick only to leave it behind once they learn how to 360 flip. Even I did the same. As I spent time getting reaquainted with the varial kick so I could write an accurate tricktip, I have realized how under appreciated this trick is. If you want to keep everyone else on their toes then I suggest not letting the varial kickflip fall out of your bag of flip-tricks.

Varial Kickflip vs 360 flip

The difference between a varial kickflip and a 360 flip is that the 360 flip spins 360° on the X and Y axis, while the varial kickflip spins only 180° on its Y-axis. So the 360 flip is a 360 pop shuvit combined with a kickflip. The varial kickflip is a single pop shuvit (180°) combined with a kickflip.

What should I learn before varial kickflip

Be sure to learn kickflips and pop shuvits before you learn how to varial kickflip.

Foot placement for a varial kickflip

The foot placement I suggest for you depends on how well you kickflip. If you have your kickflip down so well that your ollie foot placement and your kickflip foot placement are almost the same. That means you started over-flipping your kickflips after you got more pop from practicing. You will want to do the same for this trick.

If you can kickflip but you dont catch it in the air (meaning your just getting enough pop to land it). You will want to hang more of your heel off the board for your kick foot. (Photo on the right.) Notice the titled kickfoot on the photo on the right. You can try both tilting your kickfoot and keeping it square. I like to tilt it just a little, that works best for me. I have always found that the more I hang my heel off the board, the faster my flips are for most tricks.

varial kickflip foot placement for those who can kickflip well. varial kickflip foot placement for those who are still new to skating.

The motion for a varial kickflip

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Let's do a Varial kickflip

Step 1

The slide show above show a varial kickflip while rolling. You can do it rolling or not. This trick is the same for both. I would suggest a slow roll rather than none at all.

Bend straight down keeping your shoulders inline with your skateboard.

REMEMBER! Keep your upper body directly over the skateboard. If you lean back your are never going to land it. For any trick you do, it will be important to keep a confident posture. That's how you can tell you have gotten over any fear you had for sticking the landing. It is 100% commitment.

learn how to varial kickflip photo1

Step 2

Ok! Remember this is not a 360 flip. You only need to do a single shuvit to make this trick happen. So don't throw a huge amount of pop in this trick.

Do a couple pop shuvits to get the muscle memory cooking. Just keep that feeling in the pop foot.

Step 3

The kickflip does not take much. This is why I proposed two differnent foot positions for a varial kickflip. You just need a nice little ankle flick. if your newer to skateboarding then it might take a bit more but not a whole lot.

Proper amount of shuvit and a little flick of your kickfoot is where the magic is.

Step 4

Stick the landing!

If you kept a good posture directly above the skateboard you should be sticking it. You may have to play around a bit with your kickfoot positioning. If your are over flipping it try hanging less heel on your kickfoot. Do the opposite if your not getting the flip.

One other reason you may not be getting the flip! You may be trying to shuvit fast and low. You need to do a slow and high pop shuvit. That should get you better results.

Remember to absorb the landing.

How to varial kickflip recap:

  • Get your footing.
  • Square up with the board.
  • Make sure you have good and confident posture directly over the board.
  • Pop a good slow and high shuvit
  • Add a little flick
  • Let the board flip beneath you.
  • Let gravity do the rest.

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